Tide vs. Tigers! NCAA 2019 Championship Game

Today is the big day. Tonight, the two best NCAA Football Teams will face off in Santa Clara, California.

Alabama is back to defend their status as NCAA Champions. It’s safe to assume Clemson won’t make it easy for them. Both teams are heading into the National Championship with perfect 14-0 records for the season.

This is the first time the College Football Playoff Championship Game will feature two undefeated teams. The winning team will walk away as the first team to ever be a 15-0 champion.

Will you be be cheering “C-L-E-M-S-O-N!” or “Roll tide, roll!”

Join Team TAKE OUT THE TRASH and show support for your team.

The game starts tonight at 8 pm EST. If you can’t watch live on TV, you can still follow the game with Live Updates online.

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