Precision and Excellence at the Monaco Grand Prix

2019 Monaco Grand Prix -

Held each year since 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix requires precision driving, technical excellence and copious amounts of bravery. This one race separates the good from the great, hosting some of the most legendary drivers in racing.

The Monaco Grand Prix – May 26, 2019

The Formula One motor race takes place at on the Circuit de Monaco. While the circuit configurations have changed over the years, the narrow course through the streets of Monaco is considered to be one of the most demanding tracks in Formula One racing.

The combination of high speeds and a tight course at the Monaco Grand Prix often requires the safety car to make an appearance during the race.

Part of the Triple Crown, along with the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Monaco Grand Prix is recognized as one of the most prestigious races in the world. Throughout history, only one driver, Graham Hill, has managed to win all three races.


One aspect that makes the Monaco Grand Prix so difficult is the difficulty of overtaking. It is nearly impossible on the circuit, making qualifying more important than in any other Grand Prix.

Practice for the 2019 will begin on Thursday, May 23, followed by qualifying and finally the Monaco Grand Prix.

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Image Source: United Autosports, Flickr

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