Major League Baseball 2018 World Series

Major League Baseball 2018 World Series

It’s where every inning matters, curses are broken and dreams come true. It’s where the best players become legends. It’s the greatest ball game of the year. We’re talking about the Major League Baseball World Series.

MLB World Series

Since 1903, the World Series has hosted the best teams from the American League and the National League to determine the seasons championship team. While the World Series has been around since 1903, a lot has changed since then. For 115 years, the World Series has slowly evolved to become the Fall Classic we all know and love today.

The Way Things Used to Be

Can you imagine baseball without a postseason? Prior to 1969, the two teams with the best win-loss record in the regular season automatically advanced to the World Series. Whats more, the World Series almost never came to be.

League Rivalry

When the first World Series was played, it was a contest between the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League and the Boston Americans (who would later become the Red Sox) of the American League. Both teams were the undisputed leaders, winning by large margins in their respective leagues. In a major upset, Boston won the first World Series Championship, winning five games to three and proving the new American League could beat the Nationals.

The Boston Americans victory was a big deal in 1903, especially since many owners and members of the National League viewed the American League as inferior. It was this exact attitude that led to the boycott of the 1904 World Series.

The Brush Rules

The second World Series should have been a face off between the New York Giants of the National League and the Boston Americans of the American League, but the game never happened. John T. Brush, owner of the New York Giants, refused to allow his team to participate.

During the following season, the “Brush Rules” came into existence. While the rules have changed over time, the Brush Rules laid the groundwork for the Postseason and the World Series we know today.

2018 World Series

This year, the annual championship series of Major League Baseball is set to begin on October 23. While the rivalry between the National and American Leagues has also evolved over time, one thing never changes. The Fall Classic is, and always will be, a baseball fan favorite. And, if your team makes the cut, could be the highlight of the season.

Who Will Win the 2018 World Series?

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