Major League Baseball 2018 Postseason

Major League Baseball 2018 Postseason | Let's Take Out the Trash

The regular season is rapidly coming to an end. While this sadly means another season of America’s Game has come and gone, it also means 2018 Postseason is nearly here. If you thought this was a great season of baseball, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Ten teams will enter the 2018 Postseason Playoffs and battle it out to determine who will face off in the 2018 World Series. Whether you’re rooting for the underdog or the expectant champs, Postseason never fails to deliver a highlights reel unlike anything you’ve seen all season. Let’s take a look at how it all started.

The Beginning of Postseason

While the World Series was first played in 1903, Major League Baseball has roots that date all the way back to the Civil War. The National Association of Base Ball Players, the first governing body in baseball, formed in the 1860s and 1869 is considered to be the founding year of professional baseball.

MLB Leagues

The National League was formed in 1876, but the American League wasn’t formed until 1901. In the years prior to the formation of the American League, competitor leagues frequently formed and disbanded. Postseason games were regularly played, but it wasn’t until 1902 that Major League Baseball started to put rules in place that formed the structure we know today. You can thank Wesley Branch Rickey for that development.

Challenging Times

As time went on, baseball grew in popularity. Despite major difficulties, no teams moved or folded during the Great Depression. During World War II, more than 500 men left professional baseball teams to serve in the military and the 1942 season was nearly canceled due to difficulties caused to wartime blackout restrictions.

Despite these challenges, Major League Baseball continued to field teams and the league slowly expanded.

Evolution of Baseball

In 1920, doctored pitches were officially banned, 1968 reduced strike zones and lowered the pitcher’s mound, and 1973 brought Designated Hitters. While the rules have changed over the decades, the game has largely remained the same. And, regardless of any changes to rules, stadiums or pitching mound heights, baseball has always been America’s favorite pastime.

Get Ready for the MLB 2018 Postseason

Now that you know a little more the history of baseball, lets look to the future. Visit and tell us who you  want to see win the American and National League Championship Series this year. Share your picks using #takeoutthetrash and celebrate the hard working American’s who “take out the trash” everyday.

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