Get Ready for the 64th NHL All-Star Game!

Hockey may have been born in frigid temperatures, but nothing warms our hearts quite like the NHL All-Star Weekend. From the raucous fans and body checks to the insane traditions and penalty box, what’s not to love about a weekend dedicated to hockey?

The first official All-Star Game was held during the 1947–48 NHL season and is now the symbolic halfway point in the regular season. While many aspects of the sport have changed over the years, our love for the game is always constant.

Which Side are You On?

This Friday, January 25 marks the beginning of a three day National Hockey League All-Star Pre-Game Party. At Let’s Take Out the Trash, the Pre-Game starts now! We want to know which Division you will be rooting for.

The Stars Prepare to Face Off in the San Jose

This year promises to bring some exciting matchups and great players, including Toronto’s Auston Matthews (Atlantic), Washington’s Alex Ovechkin (Metropolitan), Colorado’s Nathan MacKinnon (Central) and Edmonton’s Connor McDavid (Pacific). You can view the complete rosters on

This is the second time the NHL All-Star Game will be held in San Jose. The Sharks last hosted the 47th NHL All-Star Game in 1997 when the Eastern Conference defeated the Western Conference, 11-7. That game brought us the famous “called-shot” by hometown All-Star Owen Nolan’s hat-trick against Goaltender Dominik Hasek.

Puck it up, buttercup!

Which players are you excited to see on the Rosters this year?

Tell us who you’ll be cheering to Take Out The Trash at the 2018 NHL All-Star Game.

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