NFL Draft Day 2019 – Who Would You Choose?

NFL Draft Day 2019 - Who Would You Choose? |

It’s a day when prospects take the first step towards becoming football legends. For some teams, the day can make or break the season long before it even begins. It’s NFL Draft Day.

NFL Draft Predictions

Speculations and predictions started floating around long before Super Bowl Sunday. Teams have been scouting players and crunching numbers for months and it all comes down to three days, April 25 to 27.

Whether you are hoping your team makes the right pick or your rivals miss out on a key player, we know you will be waiting with anticipation to find out how these prospect will shape the upcoming season.

Draft Order 2019

Draft order is determined by a weighted system that considers win/loss records, playoff participation, strength of schedule and the occasional coin toss. You can view the current draft order and predict the picks for the 2019 NFL Draft on You can also receive live updates on the draft as it happens.

Who Would You Choose?

Use #takeoutthetrash and tell us who you want to see your team draft this year.

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Image Credit: Marianne O’Leary, Flickr

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