2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

It happens once every four years since the inaugural tournament in 1930. It is the most prestigious football tournament in the world and it is returning this year. It’s the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

2018 World Cup

There may be mixed feelings about Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), but whether you call it football or soccer, the love of the sport is unwavering.

Three years of qualifying lead up to this tournament, showcasing 32 of the best football teams over the course of 64 games. Since 1930, 77 nations have played in at least one World Cup. Of those 77, only eight have won and Brazil is the only team to have played in all 20 tournaments.

Meet Zabivaka™

Zabivaka™ in Russian means “the one who scores.” As the official mascot for the World Cup, Zabivaka™ plays an important role in the tournament and on the world stage. In addition to entertaining crowds in the stadium, Zabivaka™ will serve as an ambassador for Russia.

This years mascot selection was considered to be the most engaging process in World Cup history. More than one million Russians voted before the big reveal.

World Cup, World Health

The World Cup is the most followed and widely viewed sporting event in the world. Viewership for the Wold Cup is exceeds that of the Olympics. In fact, is has been speculated the World Cup has an impact on the overall health of the world population.

Some studies suggest the Wold Cup causes an increase in the rate of heart attacks. Those heart attacks are even more common when home teams are on the field. There have even been studies on the correlation between Wold Cup victories and corresponding baby booms in the winning country.

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